About Us

Millstone Cave Suites located in the heart of Anatolia, where the history and geography are integrated, witnessing civilizations, religions and the miracles of nature for centuries, now awaiting you to offer the feeling of a home away from home as well as a unique experience from where you can enjoy the extraordinary geography of Cappadocia and watch the sunrise & the balloons every morning…

Millstone Cave Suites is a boutique hotel located in the high above Uchisar Village which is listed on UNESCO World Heritage List, perfectly situated for the exploration of all of Cappadocia's. A mysterious, even unearthly expanse of ravines, canyons, mountains and valleys, it was formed by millions of years of soft volcanic lava and ash.

Millstone gets its name from an old bulgur mill and caravanserai called 'dink', which is located on the Silk Road, the center of trade, and was actively used from the 1800s to the 1970s.

The hotel’s accommodations are offered in several styles, from junior suite rooms to rooms with pool. The rooms uniquely situated in restored “village houses”.

The hotel is a nice sample of a restoration project in terms of restoring 6 old village houses in accordance with the texture of Cappadocia and bringing 11 more village houses back to life in the ongoing projects..