Millstone Cave Suites


Millstone Cave Suites located in the heart of Anatolia, where the history and geography are integrated, witnessing civilizations, religions and the miracles of nature for centuries, now awaiting you to offer the feeling of a home away from home as well as a unique experience from where you can enjoy the extraordinary geography of Cappadocia and watch the sunrise & the balloons every morning…

Millstone Rooms

The spacious, large cave and stone rooms of the hotel were built with the traditional handcraft method, completely in accordance with the original.

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Millocal Restaurant

We have decided to prepare a menu that suits our Turkish culinary culture in order to respect our traditions and to protect the legacy that ancient Anatolia left us. The geography we live in also supported us to create such a menu. We hope you find a trace of your past in every flavor you taste.

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Meetings & Events

You can contact us for intimate, understated, boutique and memorable events.

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